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16 Jan 2015
Making decisions and knowing our rights
Ethics- set of moral standers and values
New Guiding Principles for journalism
1. seek the truth and report it as fully as possible
- be honest and fare reporting and interpreting info
- give voice to the voiceless, document the unseen
- be vigorous in your pursuit of accuracy
- hold the powerful accountable especially those that hold power over free speech
- be accountable
2. be transparent
- show how reporting was done and why people should believe it
- clearly articulate your approach whether you strive for independence or approach info
from a political or philosophical point of view
- acknowledge mistakes and errors correct them quickly and in a way that encourages
people who consumed the faulty info to know the truth
3. Engage the community as an end rather than as a means
- make an effort to understand the needs of community you seek to serve and create
mechanisms to allow members of the community to communicate with you and one
another – seek out and disseminate competing perspectives without being unduly
influenced by those who would use their power or position counter to the public interest (
be faire and equal)
- recognize that good ethical decisions require individual responsibility enriched by
4. minimize harm and maximize truth
- allow and encourage members of the community to self inform. Make journalism a
continuing dialog in which everyone can responsibly take part and be informed
TV News- ethical issues
online ethics
- when to publish
- facebook/twitter?
- should news organizations use opinions just to get clicks?
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