KIN 330 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Preferred Walking Speed, Pennate Muscle, Froude Number

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26 Feb 2020
Conceptual Questions Final Review
Who pioneered cinematgraphic techniques used
widely in biomechanics today?
Pennate muscle force vs. longitudinal muscle
How to calculate instantaneous acceleration?
Why is 45 degrees the optimal projection angle?
How does projection angle change as release
height changes?
How many degrees of freedom in different types
of joints?
What does it mean to be weightless (e.g.,
astronauts)? Revisit elevator example and free
falling (what happens to acceleration and
How do gears on bikes help us when going uphill
and downhill?
Describe Wolff’s law and use examples from
sports to explain why bone density would differ.
Explain how a cat can turn in mid-air without
external torque acting on it.
What technology can measure impacts on the
What does a motion capture system measure?
What is the advantage of using computer
modeling and simulation?
Describe the relationship between Kinetic energy
and potential energy.
Why do long jumpers extend in the air during the
hang-technique of long-jump (e.g., what are they
What does ecological validity of a research study
What is the predicted preferred walking speed
based on the Froude number on earth vs. on
Are individual differences in technique (e.g.,
tennis forehand) necessarily errors? Why or why
not? Think Qualitative analysis…
Review action (flexion vs extension etc.) at the
ankle, knee, and hip throughout the phases of the
gait cycle.
Explain differences between stoop vs. squat
technique and why use each.
Explain Lombard’s paradox
Eccentric vs. concentric vs. isometric contractions
is work positive, negative, zero?
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