MC 202 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Soweto Uprising, Gender-Neutral Language, Iris Marion Young

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8 Feb 2017

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Education and Citizenship: History and Debates in Pre- and Post- Apartheid South Africa
What is the purpose of formal school?
o Is it to learn what has already been found or give potential for new learning to
come about?
The TRC as Vehicle for Social Change?
o “oial istitutio: a ogaizatio o othe foal soial stutue that goes a
field of atio.
o Can education be a vehicle for social change?
How does education relate to citizenship?
o In what ways did formal education reinforce apartheid?
Education and Citizenship
o Encourage one or more common languages
o Forster a common identity, history and purpose
o Establish terms of civic engagement
Roots of Apartheid
o 1600s-1800
Dutch colonists arrive/ Slave trade
Goals of Schooling:
Whites: Religion
Natives: taiig of slaes
o 1800-1902
British missionary schools expand
Some schools integrated
Goals of Schooling:
Whites: Establish hegemony
Education During Apartheid
o Chistia Natioal Eduatio
pooted y Afikaes ouity
justifying Apartheid and promoting it
90% of lak hilde ae ot i state shools ut i issioaies shools
o Bantu Education Act (1953)
Separated departments for management by race
Restricted / shifted funding for missionary schools
Changed teacher training model
Established different educational requirements by race
o Extension of University Education Act (1959)
Prohibited established universities from accepting black students
Opened universities for other races
Link to the development of Bantustans
Opened universities for non-white students
Black folks were being forcibly located to new places (the bantu
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