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Lecture 6

PLS100 lecture 6

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Political Science
PLS 100
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Chapter 6: Congress In the Constitution *Basic structure: Great Compromise -House: proportional to population -Elections every 2 years -at least 25, citizen for 7 years -Senate: equal seats for each state -Elections every 6 years (rotating classes) -at least 30, citizen for 9 years *Qualifications for office holding -Both senators and house members must reside in the state they represent Powers of Congress *Economy -Revenue bills originate in House *Foreign Affairs -Declare war, finance armed forces, call up state militias *Confirmation of justices *Necessary and proper clause Electoral System *Elected separate from president *Plurality voting vs. proportional representation *Duverger’s Law: plurality rule elections with single member districts by nature tend to produce two-party dominant systems Congressional Districts *Congressional districting -435 seats -Apportionment -Drawing district lines -Gerrymandering *Unequal representation in the Senate Electoral Politics *Candidate-centered vs. Party-centered politics *Incumbency *Constituent services -Casework: fielding requests and helping solve constituents problems with bureaucratic agencies *Senators *National politics -Presidential coattails -Midterm losses *Representation vs. Responsibility -“Pork Barrel” legislation -Logrolling Basic Obstacles *How to acquire information *How to coordinate action *How to resolve conflicts *How to get members to work for the common good *Transaction costs Parties *Formed in order to solve collective action problems *Delegate authority to leaders *Increased partisanship *”Conditional party government” Party Leadership *House: -Sp
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