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Lecture 10

PLS100 lecture 10

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Michigan State University
Political Science
PLS 100

Lecture 10: Separation of Powers Games *Players -Who participates? *Rules -What behavior is acceptable? *Strategies -What are the players’ plans of action? *Winning and losing -What is at stake and who gets it? Agenda Game *Articulate the national purpose *Focus attention and energy on 2 or 3 top priorities *Congress vs. President *”Blame game” instead of competing to solve problems, politicians engage in actions to make their side look good & the other side look bad *Focusing attention, but not problem solving *Ex. Budget arguments Image Game *Build popular support *Tout personal traits and accomplishments to amass power to be able to use authority *President vs. individual Congress members (not so much Congress as an institution) Coalition Game *Build coalitions and make them work *Transaction costs vs. conformity costs *Spans all institutions Congress vs. President *President as legislator -Propose legislation (agenda game) -Veto power *Height of Presidential power = 1960’s *Congressional strategies -War Powers Act -Budget and Impoundment (refusal of President to spend money that Congress has appropriated) -Legislative Oversight -Legislative Veto *President’s Strategic position -Electoral triumph -Party relations -Public support -Actual agendas/strategies *Coalition game *Image game Congress vs. Bureaucracy *Ambiguous position -Congress or President in charge of bureaucracy? *Coalition game: who can get the bureaucrats on their side? *Congress’ strategies: -Authorization -Appropriations -Oversight President vs. Bureaucracy *President’s role:
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