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Lecture Notes Wednesday October 10 th (1)Why are presidential debates important to candidates? (2)Do presidential debates in the political science sense of the world matter? (3)How might you go about determining the effect of post-debate media coverage was bigger for people who actually watched the debate? THE BUREAUCRACY  Weber argues for need of bureaucracy in modern nations  Bureaucracy definition- unelected policy making branch of government  Should be rational and efficient  Other properties: o Clear assignment of roles o Rules o Hierarchy o Professionals WHAT DO THEY DO  Service-examples(dept. of interior, dept. of education, etc.)  Regulation-food and drug administration  Implementation-laws put in place are enforced and are decided exactly how those laws are interpreted BEAURACRCIES IN THE BROADER POLITICAL CONTEXT  Tension between democracy and bureaucratic institutions  Beau racy is suppose to be consistent  Overhead democracy-putting some people in charge of democracy  Hierarchal components impede control o The more levels we have the harder it is to control from top down  Intensive structure can create a closed sy
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