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Political Science
PLS 200

NOTES NOV. 12 – INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS THE STUDY OF COUNTRIES  Easier to study US because no language barrier, traveling, etc..  Comparative politics is the study of political systems other than the US  When you study comparative politics you become expert of one country  International Relations-studies interactions among one or more countries o Research will often occupy a theme(environment, economy, etc.)  Comparative US Politics-study among 50 states and compare them INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS THEORY  The purpose of a theory is to provide a causal linkage between an if and then statement o Ex. IF countries are democratic THEN they will not engage in war against each other  The IR theory provides a conceptual way of why certain events have happened historically, and how events will happen in the future ZOMBIE PRELIMINARIES  Theories of International Politics and Zombies by Daniel W. Drezner  Assumptions: o What do zombies eat?-live human flesh o How do we kill zombies?-head shot o What happens when zombies attack?-you become a zombie  Debates: o Where do zombies come from? – Virus, Technology, + Supernatural o What are zombies capabilities?  No way to prevent zombie apocalypse REALISM BASICS  Assumptions: o Anarchy and self help  Absence of a centralized security so must rely on self help  Force is what matters(how strong you are) o Balancing  As you gain a lot of power, other states try to gain at the same time  Smaller states are still looking out for themselves so there are uncertainties in trust always  Alliances are always changing o Maximize security  Force leads to security o Distribution of Power is Key  Looking at who has what power(what state is strongest) causes people to go to war and try to take power from another state REALISM AND ZOMBIES  Micro interactions(local level) o Clusters of people fighting for scarce items; resources and safety  Micro interactions o No big im
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