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Political Science
PLS 200

MEDIA AND POLITICS-Lecture Nov. 5  The Business of News o The news is a big business (not for the good of everyone) o The media sells us (people=news) o They want to know what interests us? o Rules of the Business:  Oversell the conflict  Sex sells  Weird is good!  Tragedy is good  Media and Elites o Elites are presumed to be news worthy (celebrities, pres., etc.) o Media loosely check political actors behavior (catching politician in the act/scandal) o Protests are key for non-elites to get media coverage  How Do We Escape?? o We know the media is biased o Step 1:BE CRITICAL-good at understanding how media is motivated o Step 2:BE COGNITIVE o Step 3:BE CAREFUL-of individuals who will try to manipulate you  Research Reminder: Political Debates o Fridkin et al.: media framing of debates affects political views o More likely to think media’s favored candidate won the debate o More support/likability for medias favored candidate  Research: TV+Political Behavior o Question: How does TV affect political behavior?(Druckman 2003) o Des
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