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Lecture 14

PSY 101 Lecture 14: CH 8 Thinking CONT.

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PSY 101

CH 8 CONT. Intelligence, what is it?  A lot of disagreement on the definition  Better measured by achievement or aptitude?  Complex or simple brain processes?  The global capacity to think rationally, act purposefully, profit from experience, and deal with the environment How is intelligence measured?  Alfred Binet (1857 – 1911)  Developed test to identify French students who needed more educational attention  Emphasized the use of many subtests to calculate an overall score Intelligence Quotient (IQ)  Binet believed intelligence was tied to age  IQ = (“mental age” / chronological age) x 100  Increase in mental age slows at 16  Today’s tests are based on performance relative to the scores of a large sample of people the same age Mean IQ  85 – 115 are the 16 & 84 percentiles o 85 is borderline o 115 is a gifted intelligence score  70 – 130 are the 2 and 98 percentiles o 70 is the upper threshold for an intellectual disability o 130 is the bottom threshold for a genius Measured cont.  Today, intelligence tests measure a variety of things o General knowledge o Vocab, memory, math, spatial relationships, logical reasoning, sequencing One Intelligence or Many?  One Intelligence o Charles Spearman  Subtests on intelligence tests are highly correlated indicating an overall general intelligence o Cattell
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