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Lecture 11

PSY 101 Lecture 11: Chapter 6 → Learning

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PSY 101

Chapter 6  Learning 2/21/17 TYPES OF LEARNING Classical Conditioning  Learning o Relatively permanent change in behavior  Conditioning o Process of learning associations between stimuli and response  Key terms o Unconditioned stimulus  stimulus that causes an unconditioned response o Unconditioned response  A response that is not conditioned  History o Ivan Pavlov (1849 – 1936)  Russian  Studied digestion in dogs  Dogs salivated in anticipation of food  Certain events cued them that food was coming  Rang bell before giving dog food, dog started salivating at bell ringing  What is classical conditioning? o Unconditioned stimulus causes unconditioned response o Unconditional = biological o EX of unconditional: Dog salivates at sight of meat o Conditioned stimulus causes conditioned response o Conditioned = learned o EX of conditioned: Dog salivates at the sound of the bell  Phenomena of classical conditioning o Acquisition  A neutral stimulus has become a conditioned stimulus. Now produces a conditioned response o Extinction  The conditioned stimulus is presented over and over again without the unconditioned stimulus. Eventually the conditioned response will disappear  EX: Ring bell without giving dog food, dog will eventually stop salivating at sound of bell o Spontaneous response  Reappearance of a previously extinguished response o Generalization  Things similar to the conditioned stimulus will elicit the conditioned response associated with it  Phone ring that sounds like bell will make dog salivate o Discrimination  Conditioned response occurs to one stimulus but not to other stimuli  Opposite of generalization  Are organisms able to learn certain info? o Different species have evolved in different environments o Some responses may be easier to learn for a particular species  Can emotion be conditioned? o John B. Watson investigated whether feat can be conditioned in humans
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