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Nature, Nurture, and Human Diversity.pdf

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PSY 101
Professor Hambrick

Julia Haugh LECTURE 4 Nature, Nurture, and Human Diversity – what causes our striking diversity in psychological functioning, and also our shared identity? Peoplediffer in many aspects of psychological functioning. For example, some people possess a “type A” personality and are aggressive, ambitious, and controlling, whereas others possess a “type B” personality and are passive and easy – going. Yet, we are als smilar in some aspects of our psychological functioning. For example, whether we live in the Arctic or tropics, we divide the color spectrum into similar colors. Behavioral Genetics The study of effects of environmental and genetic factors, and their interplay, on differences in psychological traits GENES : our codes for lyyyfeeee. - Every cell in your body contains chromosomes – 23 from mama and 23 from papa. - Each chromosome is made up of two DNA strands connected in a double helix. - GENES are small segments of DNA molecules. Twin and Adoption Studies Identical Twins  develop from a single fertilized egg and are genetically identical, whereas Fraternal Twins  develop from separate fertilized eggs and share half their genes, just like siblings. Correlation Between IQ’s of Family Members Identical twins reared together  .86 Fraternal twins reared together 
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