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PSY101 NotesIPsychologyaStudy of behavior and mental processesiEach interesting for its own sakeiiNeed behavior data to make inferences about mental processesiiiNeed to understand mental processes in order to predict behaviorbBehavior is often ambiguousiIncluding verbal behavioriiMethods have to be creative and rigorousIIMethods and ScopeaPsychological ResearchiInvolves a question and designiiJust like any other researchiiiQuestionsdesigns in psychology are extraordinarily diversebSome research questions asked by MSU Psych FacultyiBehavioral Neuroscience1Julie WadeaHow do hormones and genes contribute to the development of behavioral and anatomical differences between sexesin zebra finches and lizardsiThese are model systemsiiEcoologicalCommunity1Rebecca CampbellaHow do legal medical and mental health systems respond to the needs of rape survivors How can the response be improved2Robin MilleraWhat are the communityrelated barriers to putting HIV prevention science into practiceiiiClinical1Brooke IngersollaWhat are developmental signs of autism How are nonverbal social skills delayed or deviant What are useful interventions2Kelly KlumpaWhat causes eating disordersbWhat are genetic neurobiological and environmental correlates How do these factors interactivCognition and Cognitive Neuroscience1Erik AltmannaHow do people stay on task from moment to moment Whats the underlying cognitive software2Kim FennaWhat is the role of sleep in learning In formation of false memoriescProgramsiBehavioral NeuroscienceiiClinicaliiiCognition and Cognitive NeuroscienceivEcologicalCommunityvOrganizationalviSocialPersonalityviiDevelopmentaldOther branches of psychologyiSchool counseling educational psychologyiiHuman factors engineering psychology
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