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Lecture 2

PSY 280 Lecture 2 Notes Jan 15-22

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Michigan State University
PSY 280

Lecture 2 Notes Multidimensional Models of Abnormal Behavior - Etiology: cause/source of a certain condition or stress Biological Influences: Genetic - DNA - hormones influence behavior - CNS influences how people function - most things they find turn out to be polygenetic Examining Genetic Influences - behavioral genetics: mutual influence of genes and environment - helps differentiate which portion is from the genes and which is from the environment Family Studies - concordance rate: if you compare the status of one person to another person, is their status the same? 2 people either both or do not have a disorder. Do they have the same status? - discordance rate: when one person has the disorder and the other person does not - relatives have higher concordance than with non family members - the problem is that you don’t know if the familial influence is genetic or from the environment Adoption Studies - people end up matched with a child that looks like it belonged to them - the age when they were adopted also makes a difference Twin Studies - DZ twins are sometimes different genders - MZ twins are often lumped together as one entity and can have different experiences than DZ twins Gene-environment Interactions ** - Diathesis-stress model - the gene and the environment create the disorder - if you have the predisposition (diatheses), then is triggered by environmental stressors (stress), you will develop a disorder - some people may be more prone to stress than others - what counts as a “sufficient stressor” varies by each person and disorder - just having a predisposition for a disorder is not enough to develop the disorder Gene-Environment Correlates - child starting preschool chooses instruments to play with because the child may have genes for musical genius/talent - genes may lead a person to select certain environments Neurobiological - most important lobe for psychopathology is the frontal lobe - frontal lobe houses everything that makes you who you are/executive functioning/make decisions/ personality Communication Across the Synapse - the presynaptic neuron may not be sending enough/may be sending out too much of the neurotransmitter - a receptor site may not be working properly - postsynaptic neuron may be accepting too much or too little of the neurotransmitter - enzymes may not be cleaning enough or cleaning too much Neurotransmitters - chemicals in your brain that cause different reactions within the brain - this is the way that neurons talk to one another - play a big role in abnormal behaviors Serotonin - impac
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