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Michigan State University
TC 101

Media Theory- TC 101 2/14/2013 7:24:00 AM Categories of media effects  Micro-level- how does media effect you  Macro-level- how does media effect the mass  Attitudinal vs. Behavioral vs. Cognitive Changes.  Alteration vs. Stabilization o Is change stable for the long term or short term? o Alter opinions or reinforce existing norms? How much we watch Average of 7 hours & 38 minutes  More than 53 hours per week  What about multitasking? o 10 hours & 45 minutes packed into 7 hours & 38 minutes  In 2004- 6 hours & 21 minutes 1950s & 60s: Limited Effects Perspective  Audience members are not all the same  Individuals react to media content in very different ways  Users and gratifications approach o Focused on individuals‟ motivations for media use at the MICRO LEVEL  Part of general trend from technology-centered to user-centered focus Users and Gratifications model  People choose media to fulfill their needs.  Need fulfillment differs by person and medium.  Give personal examples within these categories…. o Cognitive: acquire knowledge and understanding o Affective: experience emotion o Personal: increase credibility, status o Social: engage with family & friends o Tension release: escape & diversion How we chos
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