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Media Effects: Violence TC 101 2/26/2013 7:22:00 AM Copycat Phenomenon Imitating behavior seen in media  – The Doomsday Flight: o People call in to airports saying they put bombs on planes  - The Burning Bed: o Women who were abused set husbands beds on fire  - Natural Born Killer: o People went on killing spree  - Jackass: o People started imitating stunt that on the movie Violence on TV How much violence is there on TV- A LOT  National Television Violence Study [1998] o Content analysis- look at programs at a random sample and look to see violence on TV o 60% of television programs contain violence o 4-5 violent acts per program  Crime on TV is 10-15 times more prevalent on TV than it is in real life.  Does more violent content= more bad effects?  Most children will see: o 8000 Murders o 100000 Violent Acts o 32 violent acts/hour of children’s programming o Refers to physical violence, not emotional  On any given show: o 60% contain violence o 1/3 contain violent interactions o 75% no punishment for violence *** o Suggests violence isn’t always bad o Most of the time violence is very extreme Cultivation Theory  People construct views of the world from media o The perception of reality is constructed by TV  The more TV people watch, the more like/ violent-like they think the world is.  Also “mean world” or “scary world” syndrome  The more TV people watch, the more similar their views are to people who watch as much TV. Social Learning Theory- Albert Bandura  Bobo Doll experiment  Model rewarded or punished or no consequence based on actions towards Bobo Doll o More imact if same-sex model o Boys (more impact) vs. girls (smalle
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