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TC 101Film 1242013 70200 AM Early Films Omg It movesThe 25000 flying horses bet o Muybridge Horses 1877Set up multiple cameras and timed them as horse runs by to see motion and put pictures togetherFirst Film o ActualitiesOld Man Drinking a Glass of Beer 1897 wanted to take moving picturesOnereelersshort filmsVaudeville Variety Showo Comedy and drama Variety hours o Short films flickersSide shows not very goodCarnivalsThe Nickelodeon o Used to charge a nickel to see moviesFirst MoviesStarting to be longer and more than one reelEdwin S Porter o The Great Train Robbery 1903Multiangle shotsNarrativeEditing A lot of development in film between 1903191045 minutes longDW Griffith o Birth of a Nation 1905Feature lengthMultiple camerasanglesVery racistMost popular film for 20 yearsTrained actors although no soundVery compelling film Special EffectsFirst scifi o A Trip to the Moon 1902 447 o Incorporated trick photography special effects double exposure use of mirrors slow motion fade insouts o Only 1 camera angleTonight tonightrecreation of it Talkies We dont need no talkiesEarliest 1894 Frank Otts Sneeze1913 Edison produces 19 talking pictures o 1920 Talkies didnt come out yet although Edison had already made them o Believed that people were not interested in hearing soundo Movies were acted as like a play or a ballet1915 Edison abandons talking pictures1927 Jazz Singer o Birth of talkieBaby Imma make you a starVaudeville and the Flickers not considered a star Adolf Zukors Star System1918 First emergence of movie stars Florence Lawrence the First Movie Star o Mobbed by public o Americas sweethearto Created modern celebrity movie systemMary Pickford after Lawrence Pix Turn Flix Leave StixEdison Manufacturing Co o Monopoly on cameras o Patent lawsuit happy Motion Picture Patents Company MPPC o Started to buy cameras and lease them out to movie studios o Uniform rental rates o Legal monopoly on equipment 1915 US vs MPPC o No cameras came in outside the US o US sued MMPC
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