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Writing, Rhet & Amer Cultures
WRA 115

LECTURE 6Religion is Really About a SocietyEmile Durkheim 1858 1917believes that society shapes individualsFrench sociologistbelieved sociology was a scienceevidence comparisons classification principles scientific study of religionstudy of religion as a phenomena subject to social rulesReligion and Society InseparableReligious practice only make sense within specific societiessocieties use religion to enforce social rulesElementary Forms of Religious Life 1912basic elements that form religionsfocuses on primitive peoples dont separate between natural and supernatural like modernsconcept of God a problemnot all religious people believe in a divine beingmany rituals dont involve the godsSTUDYING RELIGIONNOT INTERESTED IN GUESSING ABOUT THE EVOLUTION OF RELIGIOUS IDEASEXAMINE FIRST HAND RELIGIONS IN ACTIONLOCATE A SIMPLE SOCIETY AND OBSERVE RELIGIOUS BEHAVIORDISCOVER ELEMENTARY FORMS OF RELIGIONS EXPLAIN RELIGION IN THIS FORM EXPLAIN ALL RELIGIONBasic Form of ReligionAll religions have primary split between what is scared and what is profane
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