AR_H_A 3310 Lecture Notes - Lecture 17: Tyrant, Kouros, Krater

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30 May 2016
Late Archaic Sculpture and Pottery 520 - 480
Kritian Boy c. 480, Athenian Acropolis
Named after artist? (missed)
Fully abandons the foursquare stiff formula of sculpture
Contrappasto - balanced pose with a shift of weight
This figure has leg out not in straight forward step, but more of
a bent leg resting pose
Turns head
Shifts weight of hips
Requires drafting / 3 dimensional thinking
The use of contrappasto completely changes how the body will look
because every part of the body must shift to look natural in this position
Nothing is generic in this statue, its very particular
Specific pose
Specific age = adolescence
No longer smiling, thoughtful expression (serious)
Particular hairstyle: short rolled up hairstyle (would be current
style of men in their time so contemporary)
How is this now suddenly possible?
New technology: bronze working nof reflected in theses statues
Can tell by the eye holes: leave holes to place glass
inside (something they did for bronze statues)
Approach of doing hair with fine lines
Possibly trying to step away from aristicratic view of Kouros
Think about the differences and comparisons this statue has
from Kouros might come up on Exam
Grave Stele with man represented as boxer c. 550
Arm is raised probably in fist and arm is wrapped in straps = boxer
Kouros steles common, not so much for women (no kores)
Grave stele of Aristion c. 510
"the work of Aristokles"
Adult looking man dressed as a warrior
Would have been painted
He is very muscular = looks powerful
Bulky body petrudes from tiny frame helps make him
look massive and therefore powerful
Kizoldun ("dead girl") Tumulus
Tumulus - has at least two graves underneath with two big
Sarcophagus with sacrifice of Polyxena, Hellespont region
Scene: Daughter of king of troy (losing side) she is sacrificed by
neoptolemos and pour blood over Achillies grave mound
Other scene: a bunch of women doing stuff: a wedding?
Bones buried are of a 40 year old man
Are these scenes suppose to represent how a hero is properly
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