AR_H_A 3310 Lecture Notes - Lecture 16: Tube Top, Archaic Smile, Acropolis Of Athens

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30 May 2016
Early Archaic Sculpture
oKouri / kouros
Means man
Closely modeled on Egyptian models.
Used same pose
Major differences: the complete nudity. Egyptians don’t really do
Egyptain model has a support pillar because they want their
sculptures to stand for all time.
Greeks have them balanced only with the feet.
Egyptain model would be contemorary to what they were seeinging (
Kouri made for a 150 years.
Earliest models:
40 ft high and then got smaller.
Tells us they have monumentallity in their head, and then decide it is
more strategic to make smaller
Dedicated to sanctuary
God or person making offering
Grave marker
Representation of the person
New York Kouros, c. 600
Took up to a year probably to make.
Found in grave yard.
Connected to the elites in society.
Style: not terribly naturalistic
Very slender
Very linear non organic
Pose: wrist is against the body. But elbow faces out
Why nudity?:
archetypal -ideal interpretation of a person beyond time, age,
or place.
Exclusive from women / slaves/ barbarians
Women can not be shown nude, slaves are dressed.
Expressive of elite ideal\
Figure's face:
Hair big round balls. No sense of how hair grows out of skulls.
Every features seem simple
Band around his neck.
Draws attention to nudity.
***Colossal kouros
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