AR_H_A 3310 Lecture Notes - Lecture 19: Stymphalian Birds, Pediment, Oenomaus

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30 May 2016
Early Classical Art c. 480-440 BCE
Sometimes called the severe style (no longer the archaic smiles)
Characteristics of severe style
oSimplification of anatomy of hair, and dress
oReduction of surface detail
oArchaic smile disappears
oInterest in different age groups and states of mind
oPreference for bronze over stone
oInterests in action poses
oInterest in the here and now as opposed to eternal patterns
Early Classical Architectural Sculpture
Olympia, Sanctuary of Zeus, architect Libon, 470-457 BCE
oEarthquake destroys it in 5th centurary
Doric order
Developed more length and sliming down in this version
Architect: Libon
6 x 13 peristyle
89 x 210 ft
Interaxial unit: 16 Doric feet
Smaller columns running along inner wall: has such a big roof needs the extra
Important aspects:
Everything is measurable (never done before use to be randomly
Interaxial: distance from one column to another (16 feet)
This measuring system is used throughout the temple. Makes
the temple harmonous
This building has the most sculptures than any building
Two pediments
12 sculpture metopese (6 on each entrance)
Trials of Herakles
Starts from left, in order (for first time)
Herakles looks young in beginning and ages by the end.
Study of the hardships of a hero
Stymphalian birds
Herkales has to kill dangerous birds
Scene: herkalesbrings athena a dead bird. Athena is shown
dressed as a young girl (rather than the goddess of war.) Athena perched
on roch = symbol of acrhopolis
Atlas and the apples of the Hesperides
Herakles must trick Atlas into holding the world again
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