AR_H_A 3310 Lecture Notes - Lecture 20: Melqart, Archaic Smile, Surface Detail

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30 May 2016
Akragas, Temple of Olympian Zeus with Telamons (Sicily)
o480-406 BCE
oPart of the "valley of the temples" - 7 temples lined up against cliff. Almost a wall of
oBiggest temple ever built (until we get to the Parthenon)
Steps: seven steps up
Strange ground plan:
High platform
continuous wall that goes all around except for two areas for doors in
the corners
High walls and all connected.
Doric columns on Ionic bases
Columns built with bricks / blocks of stone
Statues on the top of walls
Figures: telamons / atlases =
One theory is they represent the giant Atlas (who held
the world)
Another theory is they represent Carthaginian prisoners
Statues not all identical. Switch from bearded to
not bearded
Free-standing Sculpture
oCharacteristics of severe style
Simplification of anatomy of hair, and dress
Reduction of surface detail
Archaic smile disappears
Interest in different age groups and states of mind
Preference for bronze over stone
Interests in action poses
Interest in the here and now as opposed to eternal pattern
oDelphi Charioteer 475 BCE
Victory dedication by Sicilian tyrant Polyzalos of Gela
Under 6ft
Thought to be part of a group of statues: him in a chariot holding the reins of 4
All we have is the single statue of him holding reins
Made of 8 different parts. (would make large bronze figures in pieces)
Small details:
Silver eylashes
Delicate looking facial hair
Athletic statue that has just won a huge victory. Figure is displayed with a very
composed and humble face. Shows piety in front of the gods.
Wearing a robe with straps. Gives artist a chance to play with the folds. (not
completely symmetrical)
Figure is turned slightly. This combined with folds makes this pose pretty
oBronze casting process
Original figure would be made out of clay
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