AR_H_A 3310 Lecture Notes - Lecture 22: Ictinus, Propylaea, Cella

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30 May 2016
High Classical Athens 450-404
oDelian League -
oisland sacred to apollo, in the middle of everything, and considered neutral
oMade a league for partnership if the Persians ever come back. Kept money
oAthens started heading it, took the money. Starts Peloponnesian war 431-404
oAthens is struck by plague 430-427. devastates Athens
oEstimated population of:
oGreater Athens: 280,000
45,000 "citizens" (free men of age)
oAttica: 1/2 million
oPiraeus and Zea harbors
oLaid out in a grid.
oPiraeus harbor is merchant activities
oZea harbor military activities
oThemistoklean wall 479 BCE
oThrew up the wall that the persians destroyed. Litterally built it with anything
they could find
oRed line: path of the panathenaic procession
Path people took during festival on their way to give offerings to Athena
oTwo gates to the city
oDiplon gate and sacred gate
Diplon gate (two doors) main gate.
o(image of city) dark text: Acroplis at the time of attack at 480 BCE
oParakles - general during war
oAll Greeks take an oath to never forget (the persian war)
oParakles funds public works to repair Acropolis.
Periklean building program
Propylaia (entrance gates?)
Temple of Athena Nike (victory)
oParthenon "Chamber of the Virgin"
oBy architects Iktinos and Kallikrates, c. 440 BCE
oColumns 8 x 17 =
o x: 2x+1
o 4:9 ratio
oUnusually big back porch
Delian league money stored here?
oExaggerated Doric refinements
*Refinements - variation of straight line
Everything has this slight curve / swelling to it.
Gives a more organic look to it.
oIonic stuff present in this Doric temple
Ionic columns inside temple
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