AR_H_A 3310 Lecture Notes - Lecture 23: Phidias, Propylaea, Caryatid

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30 May 2016
Metope 27
Greek battling centaur
Battle of good vs. disordered and barbaric
Perfect balance between the two forces
Dates earlier than parthenon
Same kind of procession that is the theme of the parthenon
frieze. People bringing gifts .
Perhaps the greeks are challenging this view? They new about
this. Athenians try and show a more democratic procession.
East pediment: Birth of Athena
Myth: born out of Zeus's head as a full adult
Athena on one side of zeus and wife hera on other side of him.
Figures on the side running around to share the excitement and
news of her birth
Dionyous present, lying down contropasto
Iris is coming to tell Dionyous
On the other side:
Three goddesses
Artemis, aphrodite,
Classical pose
Balanced between body and fabric
Even the back sides of sculptures are well done.
Expected of a votive offering to goddess
Horses and selene
Pediment shows rising and setting of sun : dawn of new age
West pediment: contest of Athena and Hephaistos
Athenians vote on who the god will be of the city state
Posidon vs athena
Athena symbol is olive branch
Posideon symbol is a (salt fountain???? Idk couldn’t
catch it)
Pediments mimic what we have seen earlier one pediment being calm
and the other showing chaos
oDiscussion of partehnon
Lord Byron arrives in Greece
Fights in the war of independence with greece against the turks.
Considered national hero of Greece
Dies in Seige of Missolonghi from fever
First public voice of elton eldgin and anti british museum.
Athena Parthenos (model) by Pheidias
oCoated in gold armor dress
oStand she stands on features the story of Pandora
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