AR_H_A 3310 Lecture Notes - Lecture 24: Paeonius, Kerameikos, Kylix

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30 May 2016
Thorikos in Attica
oDionysius god of theatre
oEpidauros, Theater c. 350
oArchitect Polykleitos the younger
oHad high enough hillside that seats built in
oGreat acoustics
oArchitect turns design into perfect geometrey
oCreates the Orchestra,
For dancers / actors
oSeats are shaped like a cone / semi circle
No bad seats
Big lateral isle, and then raidiating smaller isles
Building in front of stage - used for storage, backdrops rested on it
oSits 12,000 people
Gap in production of Athenian grave stelai from 480 to 430 BCE
oPossible reasons for their disapperance:
oSumptuary laws
How big your funeral can be / limit of spending
Persian war
Thousands of people dying. Overwhelming. No time to do proper burials
oSculptors busy on Acropolis
oPossible reasons for their reappearance:
oChanges to citizenship laws
People want to claim past relatives to show their importance
oState commemoration of war dead
oSculptors from architecture projects
Big sculptor projects rapping up. Now available for other projects.
o"Cat Stele" 420 BCE (the first reoccurrence of grave marker)
oTemple level work.
oRow of palmets as a frame
oFigure is close to life size
Hand is up by a bird cage (that he has opened)
Bird in other hand
Possible that bird represents the soul? Being released.
Carefully displayed
Expansive gesture
oAnother small figure (young boy)
Not facing the man
Is he deceased? Are they both deceased?
Possibly family members? Possibly a slave that is there is signifying
The fact that they aren't looking at each other seems to separates the
two figures into different spaces.
oCalled cat stele because there is a cat.
Cat maybe an update from sphinx?
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