AR_H_A 3310 Lecture Notes - Lecture 27: Sarissa, Forensic Anthropology, 3 Women

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30 May 2016
oVergina, ancient Aigai
Where royalty was buried.
Tumulus at vergina
Vergina, Tomb 1: "Tomb of Persephone"
Myth of Persephone painted on the walls.
Demeus mourning (her mother)
Hades and Peresphone / helpless girlfriend
Hades bursts out of ground and grabs Persephone
Chariot is tipped at 3 quarter angle loos like its coming
off the wall.
Hermes is in front of Hades guiding the way. Thunder
bolts of zeus present. Shows Zesus approval
Figures have sketchy quality.
Persephone: leaning away from Hades.
Partially nude (vulnerability)
Helpless girlfriend
Cowers and looks helpless on ground
Hades gaze is directed at the viewer.
Viewer is in the way of chariot. No escape.
Reference of death?
Gender component of piece
3 men in collusion (take what they want?)
3 women victims (immobilized)
Vergina, Tomb 2: So-called ""Tomb of Philip of Macedon"
Tomb built like a house, with sealed doorway. With vaulted roof. Actual
curving stone with keystone in the middle.
Two rooms: in each room was a marble box
Phillip died at 46. terrible wound on thigh, took an arrow in eye.
Lots of spectacular objects
Greaves (shin protectors) - different sizes. (suggests lame)
Grave style helmet
Silver Dadem (alexander-like crown)
Shows a braid of hair. In the front a knot of hair.
Iron chest protector
In marble box:
Crown of oak leaves (royal family)
Piece of furniture that had heads that would have been inlade
into it
Had alexander, philip, his wives, other members of the
royal family
Phillip one
Short beard, middle aged, have some indication
of a wounded eye
Forensic anthropologist study ashes, think it's Phillip
Doubts that it's Phillip:
Another team thinks the bones could be read differenty
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find more resources at
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