AR_H_A 3310 Lecture Notes - Lecture 28: Venomous Snake, Attalus I, Barberini Family

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30 May 2016
Hellenistic period 323-100 BCE
Didyma (city)
oSanctuary of Apollo
Huge temple
Have giant steps
Has double paristile
Ionic frontal
Middle unroofed with actual forest inside
64ft high columns
2 big corinthian columns inside
3 doorways
2 barrel vaults
Tunnels that take you out to courtyard
Lot sof play with scale. Theatrical.
oHippokrates of Kos founder of scientific medicine
oKos is island town
oKos, healing sanctuary of Asklepios 3rd to 2nd c.
Asklepios - god of healing
Pilgrimage spot.
Straight axial lines, laid out symetrical
Stoas and terraces
Rising terraces
Made the climb to the temple challenging and a
ritualistic experience
1. Begin ritul sacrifices
2. Work way up to top o doric temple
Stoas - a roofed space that has one back wall and roof is held up
by line of columns
Used in this temple as place for people to spend the
Small temple at top, you spend the night in this temple when you reach
the top. God is suppose to come in the night and heal you.
Vista - beautiful view bc high off he ground
Romans will be influenced by these ideas of beautiful vistas
People would bring anatomical offerings
Usually whatever body part was bothering you
Pergamon (modern Bergama)
oNaturaly sloped landscape - perfect for defense
oBuilt theatre into slope
oPergamon, Kingdom of Attalids
oInspired greatly by Athens
Temple of athena high above, with theatre right below it
oUse stoas to frame pieces of space that can be flattened.
Frames buildings nicely
oLearning and the gods very important. Want to appear knowledgeable (power)
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