AR_H_A 3310 Lecture Notes - Lecture 26: Pathos, Ionic Order, Amazonomachy

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30 May 2016
oLYSIPPOS (the other famous sculptor)
Apoxyomenos ("Youth scraping himself) c. 330 BCE
Currently in Vatican
Figure is cleaning the dirt and sweat off him by scraping.
Difference from Praaxiteles style: His figures are really tall and slinder,
kind of more square head. Seems to be ignoring the viewer.
Action with hands is pushing the action way out into the 3rd demension.
The viewer is engaged in this way. (through action)
Hair is messy, look sweaty. Again looks more human.
oBodrum, ancient Halikarnassos, site of Mausoleion (Tomb of Mausolus)
oMausolus was govenor of Caria. Married to sister. Might have considered
himself god
Possible portrait of Mausolus govenor of Caria
Uncempt hair
Blocky body
Forceful personality
Not a sculpture of beauty but power
Mausoleum of Halikarnassos, c. 350
6 levels of sculptures (top to bottom)
Colossal sculpture
Centaur frieze
Amazon frieze
Life size
Greek features:
Ionic order
Greek sculptors
Artisitc themes and styles
Non-greek features:
Huge scale (for individual not a god)
Pyramid form (local? Egypt?)
Exalation of an individual
Concept of divinely authorized rulership
Why this mix:
He is not a greek. But he loved greek sculptures. So he highered
a team of greek sculptures to build this. So it’s a mix of style.
Amazon frieze - Amazonomachy, battle of Greeks against Amazons
Way high up. Challenge: how to make visible from the ground.
Lots of diagonal and parrallel lines. Need to show it’s a fight
Figures themselves are finely made
Amazon's rope is opening. Again amazons are shown as
beautiful women
Background is full of unnecessary dramatic drapery
New invention (tool for sculptur) : running drill - makes it easier
to make parrallel lines. Adds a lot more shadowing/ highlighting
effect. Also used in edges of eyes
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find more resources at
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