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ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY 1 References Althoff, Allison (2012). Katy Perry’s Part of Me 3D: Does Everyone Really Like a Good Girl Gone Bad? Christianity Today. Retrieved from: women/2012/july/katy-perrys-part-of-me-3-d-does-everyone-really-like-good.html In this article the author discusses Katy Perry’s documentary, Part of Me. This documentary is critical to her image because this is how Perry wants herself portrayed to her fans.As the author explains, the documentary talks about Perry’s inspirations for her lyrics, which are often suggestive. The author claims that Perry may reflect our changing culture, suggesting that, “a younger generation has embraced a more racy, sexually overt identity, one that Perry's music has encapsulated.” This article shows how older generations may view younger generations when observing the media consumption that typically occurs. This article is from a Christian based website, which automatically suggests that this author may be biased and assume that this culture change is negative. While Perry has definitely received her fair share of criticism, I think it is important to keep in mind that she does have a very diverse fan base with varying ages, race, and genders. Grigoriadis, Vanessa (2010). Sex, God, and Katy Perry. The Rolling Stones, 1111, 40-47. The Rolling Stones published an interview with Katy Perry that covered topics such as her (former) marriage to Russell Brand and what she is like when she isn’t performing. I feel like this article may not be as relevant because it doesn’t specifically focus on her media, but the background into Perry’s life may provide some connection to the choices she makes when it comes to producing music. The author talks about how Perry in some ways defies her “bad girl” image by holding “good” beliefs underneath it all. The article claims that Perry has “only had a 2 few boyfriends, says that casual sex ‘grosses [her] out’and barely drinks or experiments with drugs.” I think it is interesting to see how Perry describes herself and her beliefs and then juxtaposing this with her music videos and song lyrics. The messages seem to be pretty conflicting. Paskin, Willa (2010). Katy Perry’s ‘Peacock’and the DyingArt of the Double Entendre. Vulture. Retrieved from: _dy.html This article is interesting because it does expand beyond Perry and talks about euphemisms in pop music as a whole. Perry is known for using this tactic, especially in her song “Peacock,” which makes a pretty direct reference to the male anatomy. I think that this is an important element to discuss in my final paper because I believe that artists feel that this seemingly “sneaky” way of incorporating obscenities gives them more expressive freedom without angering as many concerned parents as outright saying “penis” in their music. Perry’s use of double entendres, however, almost seems to be a satire on the entire practice because it is so obviously blunt. It is very clear in her lyrics what “peacock” is meant to represent. The article gives an example of Perry’s lyrics: “Come on baby let me see / What you're hiding underneath / Are you brave enough to let me see your peacock? / I wanna see your peacock, cock, cock / Your peacock, cock, cock.” It’d be pretty hard to miss that reference. However, I think the main concern here is that young children would have no idea what this song is talking about, but since Katy Perry is a huge icon, they will walk around repeating the lyrics. ANNOTATED BI
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