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Lecture 24

ENGLSH 1060 Lecture 24: heroes 4-11

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frankens ein Reading Response week due 4la3 One more respons due Mat Neat Stuff: Frankenstein recap by Shmoop. why is the monster considered a monster in the text How does this monster compare to other mons How do you percieve the monster appearan Ct. -r created supernaMrall pa. Abhorred monster fiend that thou art the tor hurts of are too mild a vengeance for thy crimes. Wretched dev NICror talking abeut the creation 63 description is abnormal This monsters e and how he came to be is detaired in this book who other hires we we encountered don't have of a back graund created and then neotected and didnt know better The monser is the drwing force of the conflict the Stony pa thermonster sees hs own rettection and he vol Comes Oware of hs Monstrous qualities Ponders his own stons as a monster. nugales w/ his ident LN qi Eery where T See bliss, from which I alone am irrevocablN excluded. T was benevolent and good misery made me a fiend, make me and I shall again be vvrhous Frankenstein's monster had a very outc Condensed evolution of erouuth and earning hmorals are solidified through experience are the morals. developed What about Victor's morals Entire life becomes wrapped up in neve Victor Stll own his creation nd within both Frankenstein and his mons er Hay do you define the relationshi betwe the creature and the monsier? who is the hero who gees tmsugh the your for Thursd piece on animals in Greek myths Canvas)
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