Egg/Omelet Guest Lecture

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Food Science
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F_S 1030
Clarke- Universityof Missouri- Columbia

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Egg Presentation Wednesday, March 12, 2014 6:11 PM • Overcooking an egg is the most common error people make with eggs • For an omelet • When you subject an egg to heat, it will coagulate • Point handle at your geographic center • Commercial egg industry - 1,000,000 hens or more • Categorized by the grade of the egg = age of the egg • When eggs are laid, the shell is full of egg and frothy and full of CO2 • As an egg respires through pores in the shell, it loses moisture and CO2 • Size of air cell determines egg type o Air cell = dime = AA egg (more stable made for poached egg or sunny side up) o Air cell = nickel = A grade egg (less stable made for meringue or hard boil and peel) • Hard-boiling an egg is to pasteurize it • Size o Strictly by weight • Double yolk • XL • L - 2oz • M • S • Peewee • No rooster in order to lay an egg • Female chickens have about 3000 potential kids inside them when born Whole Egg Consumption • Approx. 75% water • 12-14% protein • 10-12% lipids • 1% minerals Egg Color • Shell o The breed of hen determines the color of the shell • White o Albumin in raw eggs is opalescent and does not appear white until it is beaten or cooked • Yolk o Yolk color depends on the diet of the hen Egg Quality • Egg quality is determined by candling o Eggs are examined in front of a bright light o Size and position of air cell, c
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