Chocolate Guest Lecture

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Food Science
F_S 1030
Clarke- Universityof Missouri- Columbia

Chocolate Lecture Monday, April 7, 2014 5:23 PM Food Chemistry, Why Bother with it? •Product development (desirablee constituents): flavor, texture, shelf-life, preservaties, fortification •Undesirable constiutents: Chemical residues? Adulteration? • Analysis: Does the food product meet specifications? Theobroma Cacao L. "Food of the Gods" •Maya/Aztec drink: "Xoxolatl" •Growing regions: tropical •Cocoa pod harvest: •Harvested by hand o Cocoa beans are actually the seeds in the pod •Fermentation and Drying o 5 days of fermentation (natural) • Develop brown color • Develop flavor precursors • Cleaned, bagged, and shipped •Roasting, Grinding, "Dutching" o Beans roasted in large drums • Develop flavor and deeper color • Beans cracked, shells removed • Nibs ground into cocoa liquor •Pressing and milk chocolate manufacturing o Cocoa liquor pressed • Liquid cocoa butter • Solid cocoa powder • Milk chocolate: cocoa 10% milk, Powder 20%, sugar 50%, cocoa butter 20%, some lecithin and vanilla •Conching and Tempering o Conching for flavor development and to smoothen = stirring while warm • Tempering for proper crystal formation = heating and cooling with agitation •Chocolate Flavor o Maillard Reaction - causes flavor to form o NO one chemical tastes like chocolate! • Over 800 flavor compounds contribute to this flavor
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