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University of Missouri - Columbia
HIST 1100
John Wigger

First Contacts: Motives and Consequences • Columbus as a case study o Born c. 1450 in Genoa, Italy, or Spain  Knowledge of early life is not very clear, didn’t say much about it o Ambitious to become part of nobility – rich and famous o Early life at sea • European Expansion o Black Death (plague) and Hundred Years War (1337-1453) devastated much of Europe o Growth in population and inflation rise after 1450 – continued into 16 century • Early Exploration o Canary Islands, colonized by Spain 1402 o Azores, colonized by Portugal 1439 o Cape Verde Islands, colonized in Columbus’lifetime • Columbus’s Theory o Columbus believing the world was flat is a MYTH  Greeks accurately measured earth’s circumference in 3 century B.C. o He did underestimate the world’s circumference by a third • Justification for Columbus’s Voyage o Quest for new islands o Search for a new continent  People theorized there had to be another big land mass opposite of Europe o Passage toAsia o Religious Mission  Columbus was immersed in 15 century millennialism, including retaking Jerusalem  Claimed to
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