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HIST 1200
William Lewis

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042213History 1200Cold War Domestic Policy A Fair DealBA Push for Civil Rights1Combating Racial Injustices In the south where violence greeted African Americans attempts to assert their rights2Trumans Civil Rights Program Truman broke sharply with the past and used his office to set a moral agenda for the nations longest unfulfilled promiseCFair Deal FoundersMcCarthyism Fighting Communism at Home1Second Red Scare Arose out of concerns about national security Anyone who stepped outside of the Cold War Consensus was considered suspect and a possible communist Dissent equaled disloyalty2Identifying Communists In 1947 Truman established loyalty review boards to investigate federal employees Suspects unable to face accusers or require investigators to reveal sources By 1953 560 people were fired or denied jobs on security grounds and countless others resigned or with withdrew applications Loyalty boards uncovered zero evidence of actual espionage or subversion FBI under J Edgar Hoover used anti
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