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HIST 1520

I. 8th - 7th c. Greeks: A. on “epic meter (based on dactylic hexameters, dactyl = “ finger (_vv vowels) 1. B. on western writing sets Mesopotamia > Semitic alphabets; Greek adoption: consonants, vowels, and diphthongs 2/20 Wednesday I. Trends in MEditerranean from 8th > 6th cent BCE (Axial age) A. 8th cent: Greeks establish overseas colonies (similar to Phoenicians (modern Lebanon) B. Trade over long distances of value-added products (e.g. ceramics, wines, cloth) C. Contacts among strangers > rethinking of traditions 1. “philosophia” love of knowledge for its own sake II. Materialist philosophers: Thales of Miletus (H2O) A. looked at astronomy to tell about the olives that the olive presses would be needed in spring, so gets a loan for presses, and rents them out when in demand III. South Italy. Form and number: Pythagoras: he Tetraktys A. as equilateral triangle B. as right triangle IV. Zeno of Elea 2/25 Monday I. continue Greek Philosophy of Nature II. Pythagoreans: A. Reality = form, and number, not material substance B. Compare Heraclitus 1. Curd, pp. 40-41 2. on the logos 3. note: word is related to legein, “to speak”, and words made up of letters, which also served as numbers a) e.g. A = number 1 C. Zeno of Elea 1. Curd pp 68-69, #7 Achilles paradox 2. Greek natural philosopher active in southern italy III. The Persian wars, the Persian point of view 3/4 Monday I. 5th c. novelty: rule from bottom-up: Demokratia: see dialogue among
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