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Human Development And Family Studies
H_D_FS 1610

Key Points • Impression Management: we tend to try to influence what others think about us. • Partner Knowledge: what do we now about our friends and intimate partners, and what our influences are Impression Management • Perception matters! o i.e. washing hands (if others are there), attire, maintenance (hair, etc), email address • Is it lying? o To "dress for success". o To wear a shirt of a team that you're not necessarily a fan of. o No…unless it's deliberate (don't get into sorority, get clothing displaying the house's name, purposely giving false impression that you did get in). • Ingratiation o Complimenting o Pointing out areas of similarities and warmth • Self-promotion o Pointing out own skills, experience, accomplishments, etc o Can be obnoxious (even if honest) • Intimidation o Influence others' impressions so that they want to make you in charge (or bad things might happen…). • Supplication o Unable to do something because injured, sick, incapable,… (even if honest) • All 4 used occasionally by most people. Image Management in Relationships • Less is done to maintain im
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