PHIL 1100 Lecture 21: ethics 4-10

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PHIL 1100
Nicholas Baima

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tipr A Defense of Abortion: Judith Jarvis Thomson prochoice, the usual hoves distinguish between Persons and humans Not all persons are humans and not all humans are Pe personhood INvolves Self-reflection and nfants also lack rationality. Should we kill them personhood is difficult to define Thesis: Women hawo rights to bodily autonomy and that right prevails over any tetus rights Violinist f fetus is a pe son I letus has right to opped nyau wake u gou unplug the person will due. Can you undua unpleasant because it sounds Ike whether you have raped or life turnJ on whether someone was a right not Why should A Cproduct of rape) due and fetus BInot rape) not The Extreme View: Abortion is aw wrong even if it would save the mothers life Why does the fetus get to live while mother dies? Argument: involved killing vs. (etting something die one duty to an iinoxent is more rgent th duty to keep a perso from dy You will die while violinist, and You unplug to yours it is not murder House example: trapped in tiny house rapidly being chushed. However innocent' the child, I'm sick and only the touch of a celebri ill save my life. T however, don't have a right nerate an tion oga use another's body Buralani what about woman who engages in unprotected Sex this makes her partally responsible for Tetus ngty leave your window opon, a thief comes n, and tries to steal use your house, that doesnt mean he can stay Problem burglar chose to come in your house, choose to be concieve Pollen f people -seeds land in carpeting children ouse, one window is Your defectiu ei. seed drifts in poes the people seed have reght to use your house Lamont will not satisfy those who Vegard as morally permissible Orgument shows abortion mpermisible, and isn't always Permusyuble nd they suuruuue you cant kill
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