PHIL 1100 Lecture 26: ethics 4-26

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PHIL 1100
Nicholas Baima

why am an Objectivist Enoch April ao Spinach child is glad he hates Spinach If II wouldve eaten it and its Yucky. Dther example I'm glad didnt grow up in thu mddle ages, because t I did IT would have believed earth wai'thL ehter of the universe, and that a false belief. more I'm glad LJrew up in modern us, because had I grown up in the 18th century, Twould have alrepled Slaven and racism, and those things wrong Some say these moral udgements are Just matterps e Comment about the earth is reasonable in ummen We have 3 TOPICS: Aesthetic e may aSagree ODOut taste best, and also mee about Climate Change like Cimote chonge, or liKe Orguling Over what Preference a Obiectivity Test Top hats are currehtly out of style, but if P20fle widely wore top hats again, they would be instyll Fashion Changls Gender-based discriminatiOn is wrong in most and gender discrimination, would this Smoking causes cancer is not an opinion Both are groundid in other facts bes des opinion UMits of Examples: manu people feel that tACS Su mounding their Why thiNK Morality is not Ahilotive disagrument Shows that there no mth achieve if Jo Shouldnt Conflicts be solved by now amount of agreemen The ORection Over Plays people tend belitve things that promote their Own Self-interes On Jeems Self-def lating
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