POL_SC 1100 Lecture 11: Religion and Politics More Recent Controversies and Discussion

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Political Science
POL_SC 1100
Stephen Seagrave

Religion and Politics: More Recent Controversies and Discussion • McClay’s 5 Arguments for Religious Special Status o Foundation Argument ▪ Christianity is in the foundation of our government therefore, it should receive special status. o Pluralistic Argument ▪ It’s good for religious groups to be thriving and strong because it contributes to active citizenship o Anthropological Argument ▪ Tocqueville talks about all your opinions about things and actions fall from what you think about god and what your duties are to god. Religious opinions are a part of our makeup as human beings so they should be given a privilege o Meliorist Argument ▪ Religious institutions tend to create good things for society: hospitals, colleges, community service etc. o Metaphysical Argument ▪ Duty to god if we have one if above duty to political obligations • Religion in Politics Test Cases o 10 commandments
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