POL_SC 1100 Lecture 10: Marking and Defending the Constitution

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Political Science
POL_SC 1100
Stephen Seagrave

Marking and Defending the Constitution • Federalist Papers written in defense of the Constitution and promoted them being ratified • One thing everyone did agree on was that the articles of confederation weren’t working o Split up into “partial confederacies” or individual states o Needed to construct and adopt a new constitution o States could do whatever they wanted and national government had very little power o Raising money to pay loans was next to impossible. We racked up debt o During revolutionary war soldiers would leave because they weren’t getting paid o States had individual currencies • The continental congress called for constitutional congress to revise articles of confederation. • Next option was to split up into “partial confederacies” or individual states based on regions, state sizes. Some threatened to become new countries all together • Construct and adopt a new constitution o People weren’t really considering this toward the beginning • Difficulties in constructing and adopting new constitution o Various particular interests affected ▪ State powers being reduced o Novelty o Combining “stability and energy” in government with liberty and “republican form” ▪ “Among the difficulties encountered by the convention, a very important one must have lain in combining the requisite stability and energy in government, with the inviolable attention due to liberty and to the republican form” ▪ If you have to much freedom eventually it turns into anarchy ▪ Need a central power to curve freedom, to protect government ▪ How do you stop the government you’re giving power to, to not go to f
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