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PSYCH 2310

Cycle of Theory and Research 1. Theory – organized set of principles that explain and predict observed events 2. Hypothesis – Testable prediction about a relationship or the conditions under which an event will occur 3. Research a. Correlational Research: Variables measured – look at relationships b. Experimental Research: At least on variable manipulated 4. Outcome Correlational Approach: Symbolized by r (the correlation coefficient) 1. R = 0 : no correlation between variables 2. R = +1 : a perfect positive correlation 3. R = -1 : a perfect negative correlation Negative Correlation: more in love you are, less attractive find others Positive Correlation: More in love you are, more attractive find others Problems/Questions with correlational research 1. Does not specify the direction of the effect (the casual sequence problem) a. Does selling more ice cream really cause more rape?? 2. Nor does it demonstrate causation a. The third variable problem (Temperature rise causes more violent crime, also causes more ice cream sales) The Experimental Approach Used to evaluate a causal hypothesis 2 Primary Variable: 1. Independent Variable: What the experimenter manipulates/controls 2. Dependent Variable: What the experimenter records 3. Example: a. Theory – environmental influences on aggression b. Hypo – heat should increase aggressive behavior? *Why experiment? Why not just ask people? People don’t always tell the truth People don’t always know (what they think they know) c. Research i. Key Step: operationalization
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