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University of Missouri - Columbia
PSYCH 2310

Self Esteem Ways of looking at self-esteem • Trait self-esteem & state self-esteem o State – how do you feel about yourself at the present moment • Stability of self-esteem o Difference between Adam and Daniel • Contingencies of self-esteem • Explicit & Implicit self-esteem Self-esteem defenses • If self-esteem is important to people, people should be motivated to defend it when it is threatened o Study on two groups told they passed or failed  Asked two groups if test was valid and how important it is to do well • People that did well thought it was valid and important • Self-serving bias o Tendency to interpret events in a way that reflects favorably on the self  Better-than-average effect • Compensatory self-inflation o Responding to self-esteem threat by bolstering self-evaluation in unrelated domain • Basking in reflected glory (BIRGing) o Boosting self-esteem by identifying with successful groups/people or distancing from unsuccessful groups/people o Apparel study (Cialdini)  % of people wearing university attire when football team won or lost following Monday o Pronoun study (Cialdini)  % of students using “we” to describe team after win and loss • After win many more said “we” • Sienfeld when George buys labaron because John Voigt owned it • Self-handicapping o Protecting self-esteem by setting up (in advance) an excuse for failure o Self-handicapping when uncertain about one’s competence (Berglas & Jones) o Initial test (Berglas & Jones)  Hard test, did well, insecure success/easy test, did well, secure success o Second test nd  Drug choice when complete 2 test • Either Activol (improves te
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