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PSYCH 2310

Self-Perception Theory • People do not know why they do things o If you are grouchy you might be hungry or tired and not know it • Humans function as processors of info • Generate own causal theories based on available info • What the theory suggests and explains o Come to understand ourselves from our behavior o Can lead to telling more than we know  sock study (Nisbett & Wilson)  Not motivated to reduce tension  Had no preexisting attitude o Foot in the door technique  Complying with small request increases probability that individual will comply with subsequent large request  Salespeople do this o Over-justification effect  Rewarding a behavior such that the behavior is perceived as being due to external factors • The reward  Coloring study – Lepper, Green, & NIsbett Self-Determination Theory • Inspired by classic ideas on growth (Rogers, Maslow) • Begins with idea that people naturally powered by curiosity to explore and master new challenges • When act on these self-determined motivations, feel a sense of agency, choice, and ownership for their actions • When feel actions are self-determined (vs. controlled by outside forces), more likely to reach full potential • Perceived locus of causality o Extent to which people view their action as controlled by external forc
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