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PSYCH 2310

Attribution and Social Cognition (Hieder, 1958) • Need to manage social environment & understand others’ behavior • Prefer to organization perceptions in terms of cause and effect • These explanation = attributions Typologies of attributions • Locus o Internal: cause from within person o External: cause from the situation • Stability o Stable: cause consistent over time o Unstable: cause varies over time Implications of attributions for behavior Covariation Theory (Kelley, 1960) • Covariation principle o To be the cause of a behavior, a factor must be present when the behavior occurs and absent when it does not 3 kinds of Covariation information 1. Consistency information: a. Does the person usually behave this way in this situation? i. If no – suggests external attribution ii. If yes – still not clear why; need more info 2. Consensus information: a. Do others react the same way in this situation? i. If yes – suggests external ii. If no – suggests internal 3. Distinctiveness information: a. Does the person react the same way in different situation? (falling asleep in other classes) i. If yes – suggests internal ii. If no – suggests external 2 ways contextual info can influence attributions: 1. Discounting principle: a. Importance of any potential cause of
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