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PSYCH 2310

Heuristics continued… Illusory correlation • When you perceive a relationship between two variables when none actually exists o Paired distinctiveness Judgmental Processes • Framing o Tendency to be influenced by the way an issue is presented o Asking questions upon recommending a new medicine that has 90% success vs. 10% failure. Subjects much more likely to recommend the 90% success Counter-factual thinking • The ability and process of imagining alternative versions to past events o Study on Olympians that won silver and bronze and who was happier (bronze) • Components of o Contain antecedent (“if only…” , “what if…”) o Contain consequent (“then…”) • 2 types of counter-factuals: o Upward: alternatives better than reality  Serve preparative function o Downward: alternatives worse than reality  Serve consolation function • I got a 70 but at least I didn’t fail  I stepped in dog shit but at least I had shoes on o Future relevance for upward o Controllability for downward Expectations and Pre-conceptions • Just-world hypothesis (Lerner): o The belief that we live in a fair world where people, sooner or later, deserve what they get and get what they deserve • Schemas o A set of beliefs that organize information; me
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