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University of Missouri - Columbia
PSYCH 2410
van Marle

The A-not-B error Research shows that failure on A-not-B task is not so straight forward… Task Difficulty: • Delay (Diamond, 1985) o Fragility of motor plan (Diamond, 1985) • Reaching/Pointing vs. Looking: o Often self-correct o Reach to wrong side, but look to correct side According to Diamond the A-not-B error is result of immature frontal cortex 1. Frontal lobe patients a. Easily distracted, difficulty staying on task b. Trouble inhibiting rewarded motor responses i. Wisconsin Card Sorting Task 2. Monkeys with lesions in frontal cortex a. Make the A-not-B error Information Processing Theories Children undergo continuous change Describe how cognitive change occurs Computer Analogy • Hardware: memory, processing speed • Software: knowledge, strategies View child as a problem-solver • Pulling string to get toy, learn to open fridge to get milk • Task analysis o Goal –> obstacle –> strategy o Planning 1. Lack of inhibition • Distractibility 2. Young kids are overoptimistic • “I can beat you in a race” Analogical Reasoning • In Infants (when solving the pull-cloth-to-get-toy problem) o At 10
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