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PSYCH 2410
van Marle

Core Knowledge Theories Domain Specificity: specific mental faculties that respond to environmental input related to a particular domain Principles: • Innate cognitive capabilities (general & specialized learning mechanisms) • Domain specificity: innate knowledge bundled into particular areas • Domains only for info that is ubiquitous throughout species evolutionary history and which is adaptive • Informal theories organize information within a domain (naïve physics, naïve psychology) They don’t assume continuity like the adult, but they think the same way and slowly build upon each other Assume continuous development • Infants similar to adults in basic and important ways o Object knowledge Informal theories • Naïve physics • Naïve psychology • Naïve biology When do kids have core-knowledge? • Some core-knowledge domains are thought to be there at birth o Naïve phsyics  Object principles guide infants’ expectations about how objects should behave in the world • Solidity o Infants first watch dropping events until they habituate • Cohesion o Infants expect objects not to fall apart when moved • Spatiotemporal continuity o An object cannot ‘blip’ out of existence and reappear at another location without traversing the space (and time) in between o Babies familiarized to ball rolling b
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