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PSYCH 2410
van Marle

Sensation vs. Perception Perceptual Development Sensation – processing of basic info from the world through sense organs (eyes, ears, skin etc.) the actual energy coming in Perception – process of organizing and interpreting sensory info into something meaningful • Originally thought early perception was poor o NOT TRUE Acuity – ability to see “fine detail” • Preferential looking – used to test infants’ visual acuity (among other things) o Picture with white and black striped lines • By 8 months, infants’ acuity is as sharp as adults Limitations in early months (0-3 months): 1. Preference for high contrast patterns a. Why? i. Due to the size, shape, and spacing of cones (light sensitive neurons) in eye… 1. They catch only 2% of the light hitting the eye compared to 65% in adults 2. Resulting in poor contrast sensitivity 2. Very poor color vision in first month a. But after, see color well b. Preferring red and blue 3. Relatively poor visual scanning a. Short, jerky movements b. Trouble tracking moving objects c. Scanning restricted to high contrast areas (poor contrast sensitivity) Perceiving Patterns • In addition to visual acuity and scanning, perception requires integrating information into coherent and meaningful patters and “wholes” Pattern Perception: perceiving faces • Preferences for certain faces o 12 hours after birth prefer moms face • No initial preferences for particular facial expressions o By 9-12 months  prefer smiling over angry
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