SOCIOL 1360 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Parental Leave, Cisgender, Our Bodies, Ourselves

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7 Feb 2017

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Beauty Within and Without hooks, 5
Need for feminist critique AND alternatives
o Easy to critique without offering alternatives
o How to be feminist and still be feminine
EX: how to lose weight without giving to patriarchal industries
o Faux-feminist language used by industry
Listening to feminists?
Using to gain buyers and revenue?
o Marketing is individual; feminism is about a group
Our Bodies, Ourselves: Reproductive Rights hooks, 5
Sexuality and bodies a focal point of feminist movement
o How much control women have over bodies and sexuality
o Securing rights for safe, effective birth control
o Privilege impacted specific focus on abortion rather than larger reproductive
Because of this, abortion is the only thing that people think of when
they hear reproductive rights
Reproductive rights also include:
General (comprehensive) sex education
Taking away the tampon tax
Birth control
Maternity leave
Issues that are beneficial for all women
Shouldn’t be surprised that without comprehensive education,
women would use abortion as birth control
Focus on abortion fostered by and mobilized opposition
o Abortion fundamentally challenged religious beliefs
Putting abortion at front of movement brought backlash
Without abortion as frontrunner, may have had a longer-lasting
reproductive rights movement without opposition
Breasted Experience: The Look and the Feeling Young; 99, 5
Cultural construction of breasts
o Constructed as sexual objects
o Women judges and evaluated based on breasts
Objectification of breasts
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