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Lecture 7

MUS 102 Lecture 7: Music Week 7

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MUS 102

Cole Port Belonged to a rich family and was a spoiled only child. In 1920s Indiana was not the place he wanted to be he wanted to be famous so when he got to college age he went to Yale and started to compose music with his frats and did a show in new York and got a bad review from the newspaper after that he joined the French foreign union went to paris and then met a real classical musicist and then took training there and when he came back to new York with this knowledge and got famous. He met a girl fell in love and married her but he was gay their relationship wasn’t sexual but it was love she was three times richer than cole. They became the talk of the town and they started living the life they wanted Cole was gay which gave him a different view on things and he was jewish others were from the same place but cole wasn’t Cole wrote music and lyrics ….. So his words will fit the music , others didn’t have that Cole wrote a lot of things that others didn’t write about Drugs and he was only one who wrote unusual topics and that made them fun he also wrote song called LOVE For Sale He also wrote a song called lets do it (sex without saying sex ) The height of his popularity was his gay picture showed up in the news, the marriage dissolved but the friendship didn’t. He had an accident with a horse or something, broke his spine and was paralyzed and was thinking about killing himself and stopped playing music. Duke Alleniton He wrote music for his band and wrote a 1000 of copywrite tunes. The problem with his music is that his music is really hard, it has the hard chord changes and vocals that not anybody can do it. Broadway All these composer were writing about these broadway shows but what the shows were talking about? America obviously All these shows port had some sort of connection with American history Formula of Musical Theatre In the first 5 mins or 10 mins a boy meets girl They make eye contact and fall in love There has to be a problem if there is no problem then there is no tension then there is no release of tension which is the whole point The problem mostly are cultural Differences If not a cultural difference than it’s a class difference (Rich and poor shit) Once the relationship is setup then we see these people kissing arguing and shit America didn’t have a classical music tradition cuz most of the people in America were here bcz they had to run away from their country or they were dragged here. America is more pop music country They did pick up classical tradition from Europe but they would always mix it with jazz beats or something to make it more poppy LA (Hollywood) same composer in 1930s wrote the music for Hollywood the one that wrote for broadway Hollywood was so goddamn popular that all America would go to theatre Most of the movies were musicals They kept making movies over movies over movies how did they do so fast? If you were an actor you would sign a contract and they will tell you what you would do Backstage musical such a music which is about show business. this was easy, get some artist
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