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American Sign Language

1I think anyone who says that a deaf person cannot be a singer does not really know what music is In order to answer this question one must look at the true meaning of what music is Music is not only about hearing what one is saying Music is words beats and feeling all of which any human being whether deaf or hearing can experience I did know that Beethoven was deafI have always enjoyed classical music and especially love some of the pieces that Beethoven composed It is truly incredible the pieces he wrote It would still be incredible if he had been hearing but the fact that he was not able to hear his music in his life yet still created such beautiful pieces speaks so much about the Death WorldFor as long as I can remember I have been an admirer of Helen Keller One only needs to read briefly on the things she accomplished in her life to see the amazing woman she became while being both blind and deaf However most people know a lot about Helen Keller so I decided to research and actor who I am personally a great fan of His name is Sean Berdy He is currently starting on the ABC Family drama Switched At Birth which is one of my favorite television showsSean is a 20yearold actor originally from Boca Raton Florida He was born deaf and comes from a family where his parents are both deaf as this is brother Not only is he an actor but also he is also a musician and a comedian He got his film debut in 2005 when he was cast in The Sandlot 2 He did a few o
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